• Jack Emmott


    Jack Emmott was born in Exeter and grew up in Sidmouth. He started playing video games at age 7 when his cousin introduced him to the original Xbox. Br0die became a professional CS:GO player in 2018. He is known for his leadership and ability to adapt to any situation.

  • Calum Knight


    Calum Knight was born in Brighton, in 1995 and spent almost all his time playing video games. In 2017, Kray started his professional career making him one of the most experienced members of the roster. This experience gives him a calm and reserved demeanour that lets him rally the team under pressure.

  • Russel Mendes


    Russel Mendes was born in Goa, India. At 6 years old, he moved to the UK and got introduced to gaming. Ever since he has never stopped playing and eventually converted his passion into becoming a professional CS: GO player in 2018. Russ is known to be able to reverse any situation. He is a hardworking player and a key member of the team.

  • Tramaine Stanley


    Stanley Tramaine was born in Bristol. He started playing PC games at 14 years old with a particular interest in competitive titles. At 18, Stanley started his professional career playing for teams such as Reason Gaming, Team Endpoint and Ghost Gaming. His often unpredictable playstyle means he often catches opponents out and he is a consistent performer for the team.

  • Niko Polvinen


    Niko Polvinen was born in Kajaani, Finland in 2000. Polvi is the youngest player in the lineup only starting to play games in 2006, but he already brings a lot of value to the team thanks to his infectious energy and selfless playstyle.



    Peter has a rich history in Valorant starting with Team Finest before coaching our current Valorant roster when they existed as Tarren Mill. In just 4 months he has coached our roster to top 10 EU, UK & I Champions and an impressive VCT run.