Rainbow 6 siege

  • Jake Fortunato


    JAKE FORTUNATO WAS BORN IN BRIGHTON, ENGLAND. AT 6 YEARS OLD HE WAS INTRODUCED TO GAMING. WHEN RAINBOW 6 RELEASED IN 2016 LEADR BEGAN PLAYING ON XBOX. In december 2020 he realised he wanted to go pro and so switched to PC. Leadr had a promising debut competitive season on pc - gaining promotion to UKIN 1st divison. HE IS A HARD WORKING PLAYER And a key member of the roster.

  • Callum Aitchison


    Callum Aitchison started playing siege when his school friends introduced him to the casual side of the game. Not long after he started his competitive journey and was quickly pro. Callum is known as a determined and bright player.

  • Justin Osztafi


    Justin Osztafi, also known as Zenoxo was born in Würselen, Germany and brings over 11 years of FPS experience to TENSTAR. With experience in CSS, CS:GO, and numerous COD titles Zenoxo hopes to achieve his personal goals of becoming a Siege superstar while achieving the extraordinary.

  • Jonas Kaczmarzyk


    onka joins TENSTAR after stints at both MNM and G2 with an industry pedigree that sets him apart from his peers. Strongminded and ruthless in tight situations Jonka is an incredible addition to the roster.

  • Jesse Ojanen


    Born in in Finland Jeggz has been playing siege for 7 years. He brings a fresh and aggressive play style to TENSTAR which has seen him become one of Siege's fastest growing talents.

  • Ryan Morrow

    Head Coach (Kenny)

    Born in Oxford, Kenny has been playing Siege since the day 1 release of the game way back in 2015. He started coaching in Spring 2021 on a team with Azzr and Leadr. His vast knowledge of the game and strategic mind has taken TENSTAR from relegations to the heights of TIER 2 Siege.