About Us

TENSTAR is a fun and inclusive esports organisation that is driven by passion and desire to become a new global leader within the industry.

The main goals for TENSTAR are to become the best-in-class and a house-hold name within various titles. TENSTAR's DNA is to nurture professional players and supporting staff members, to evolve them into all-stars. They are here to create brand new opportunities, and to develop the future generations to come.

This is TENSTAR and this is their journey, they welcome you along for the ride.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email: info@tenstar.gg


  • Tom Roderick

    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

    Tom Roderick, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TENSTAR, a veteran gamer who’s passion derived from the days of the ZX Spectrum, having burnt many hours playing Horace Goes Skiing which evolved into a love for Mario Kart and today Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft. As a father to two gaming fanatic sons, Tom has an understanding of the spirit and engagement the gaming community can bring to young people. Tom’s extensive career spans 20+ years in people development as a senior corporate leader. Tom’s wealth of experience has been gained from working for both large global blue-chip organisations and within elite sporting environments including; England Schools Representative Rugby and Premiership Rugby development pathways.

  • Benjamin Drew

    Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer

    Ben is the thinking mans gamer, a lover of Football Manager, RPG and strategy games, with a splash of PGA Golf, FIFA and CoD thrown in. A career spanning over a decade in learning & development strategy working with some globally recognised brands has seen Ben create progressive solutions from the shop floor to boardroom. People development and progression, seeing individuals reach their potential is the focus behind his ambitious drive. Outside of work, Ben is a keen sportsman, having played semi professional football in his earlier years, he will now be found in the gym or on the golf course.

  • Sarah Sanders

    Co-Founder / Chief People Officer

    Sarah brings a wealth of experience gained through 20+ years career spanning recruitment, people management, training, creating inclusive workplaces and business management expertise. Delivering large scale projects to both public and private sector organisations, Sarah’s background spans a broad cross-section of industry sectors; Highways & Construction, Logistics, Finance, Legal, Retail, Utilities & the Education Sector. Playing an integral role in delivering inclusive recruitment reviews for both public & private sector organisations, including FTSE 100 clients across a broad range of industry sectors – impacting internal & supply chain engagement whilst tackling sector skills shortages.

  • matt Loftus

    General Manager

    Matt Loftus is an esports professional with 10 years industry experience predominantely working on the tournament organiser branch of the industry. Having worked for some of the most well-known companies such as ESL, DreamHack, BLAST and Riot Games, Matt knows the ins and outs of the professional gaming sphere.

  • Michael Todner


    Michael “afr0” Todner has over six years in the esports industry in leading, commercial, talent, and management roles. His start in the industry came with the creation of RADIX Esports - an organisation created by Michael that won multiple esports championships and helped to nurture and develop many now renowned players.

  • Sydney “J0hn” Meral

    Director of VALORANT

    Sydney has been involved in the esports industry for more than 15 years. He is a former professional player in Call of Duty with his last professional tournament being the Alienware Masters Gaming 2012. He holds a Master degree in Sports Management and was a project manager in international sports events such as Tour de France, Euro 2016, and Jumping de la Baule/World University Golf Championship. His love and passion for gaming led him back into the esports industry and eventually to the TENSTAR family.