About TAP³

by Dominic Widdop | July 12, 2021

TENSTAR have announced their TAP³ programme, which is set to be one of the first esport orientated elite player pathways in the UK. The programme is modelled on existing elite sports programmes to ensure an expandable and efficient system that will usher in the next generation of esports talent. TAP³ will be a part of TENSTAR’s Academy moniker.

TAP³ will launch with a focus on finding talent in the following esports titles:


Rainbow Six Siege


TENSTAR already have a group of hugely exciting and motivated athletes joining the programme in these titles and will be soon actively advertising for more.

Seven regional centres will help scout the finest in esports potential throughout the UK, allowing for gamers from every background to begin a journey with TENSTAR that will help develop esports performance as well as many transferable skills.

TENSTAR will offer athletes part of the TAP³ programme:

Full organisational support, on social media, gaming, and personal development.

Support with the cost of performance-related gaming equipment: eg. Peripherals, Computers.

TAP³ bespoke Team/Player kit.

Performance Psychology and emotional progression support.

Professional coaching and analysis.

Where appropriate, Semi-professional contract terms dependant on progress.

Career advice and assistance & access to Professional Agency.

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