VALORANT Squad Qualify Top of Group B for ESL Playoffs

by Dominic Widdop | June 18, 2021

The VALORANT crew has qualified for the ESL UK & I Skirmish Playoffs top of Group B after a nail-biting 15-13 loss to second placed AREA.

Group B allowed for the TENSTAR roster to really show themselves as tournament favourites with four wins and two losses in the arguably tougher of the two groups.


Match 1 vs The Goose House - Score 13-5    07/06/2021

The first game was a comfortable victory over community giants The Goose House where Br0die and stanley’s stand out performances clinched a 13-5 win on Split.

Although an expected result TENSTAR managed to showcase a fluid and aggressive attacking playstyle that left little room for the other team to respond.



Match 2 vs Rix.GG Thunder - Score 13-7    09/06/2021

It was vital for TENSTAR not to become complacent as the second game against Rix.GG who currently sit at rank 23 in Europe was on paper, a much tougher matchup.

However, another blistering Split performance starting with an attacking side 4 round lead gave TENSTAR another resounding win – and made a statement to the rest of the competition.

TENSTAR MVP – stanley


Match 3 vs AREA - Score 11-13    12/06/2021

A polvi and KRAY masterclass could not stop TENSTAR from picking up their only loss in Group B – again on Split.

AREA played to TENSTAR's defensive weaknesses pulling back from an early TENSTAR lead and finishing 13-11.

Although crushing this game helped TENSTAR target defensive issues and move into game 4 with added drive and defensive utility.



Match 4 vs The Goose House - Score 13-7   13/06/2021

Match 4 ended with a closer yet solid win for TENSTAR this time on Haven with substitute ShonP stepping in for stanley due to having surgery and having to take some time away from the game to fully recover.

A much more solid defensive performance with the same blistering attack left The Goose House hopeless in a performance where the TENSTAR substitute played a key role.



Match 5 vs Rix.GG Thunder- Score 13-5   16/06/2021

Another stomp this time on Ascent with TENSTAR hitting Rix.GG with another decisive attacking side performance ending the half 11-1 for the home team with an end result of 13-5.

ShonP again showed his worth with a brilliant performance with Br0die pulling off a ridiculous 1 v 3 and Russ dominating most site pushes.



Match 6 vs AREA- Score 13-15    17/06/2021

A devastating overtime loss on Haven means TENSTAR finish as the first seed of Group B on 13 points.

TENSTAR will be facing Group A second seed M4LIK in their first game of the ESL playoffs on 26/06/2021 where they will hope to enter the playoffs with a bang. 


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