TENSTAR vs FNATIC – What We Learnt

by Dominic Widdop | July 01, 2021

For an organisation in its relative infancy TENSTAR’s VALORANT roster have already proved themselves as a formidable and rising team – winning the UK & I Skirmish in their first months under the TENSTAR moniker.

However, facing one of the world’s most successful esports organisations so early into their team’s lifecycle may have been a daunting task for many but instead TENSTAR used the opportunity to learn from the experience when facing Fnatic in the VCT EU Closed Qualifier event.

Despite being seen as underdogs TENSTAR managed to give Fnatic some extremely competitive rounds with ending both maps 13-5 and 13-8 losses in the series.

This series was not just a chance for TENSTAR to show their endless potential but a chance to learn from one of the industry leaders.

Here is what TENSTAR learnt-


“Playing Fnatic was a great experience for the team, I think all of us were expecting a closer game. However sometimes a game just doesn't go to plan.

The way that boaster approaches the game and how he has the team working around Derke and Magnum just makes it extremely uncomfortable to play against. A team of that calibre really showed us what we need to improve and focus on going into the next game.

We made it to the closed qualifier, now we need to step up our game and prove ourselves against the top 10 teams with EMEA in mind.”


It felt good to play and it went well I guess but obviously it could have been better. They exploited a lot of things that other teams do not, so we learnt a lot from it. For the future, watching games like that back is very beneficial to help fix the small things and find ways to exploit how they play. So overall great experience.
In the future, I want to beat the tier 1 teams and breeze past qualifiers like this again. Also, my personal goal is to make it to a BIG LAN event and play in front of a huge crowd.”


I think our game against FNATIC was a really good matchup and "a test" to really see that we are capable of playing somewhat good against top tier teams.

Since FNATIC are the best team in Europe even though we lost 0-2, I think almost every round was a tough one that could've ended either way.

To me, even though I didn't have the best stats and the most kills I can surely say that I did get more confidence in myself to show that I'm capable of doing damage on the server with my duelist-style of playing.
For the future, I want to win against top teams and qualify to the challengers.”

Spin (Coach):

“After their performance at Masters Reykjavik, Fnatic are arguably the best team in Europe and playing against a team of their calibre really highlights our strengths and where we need to grow as a team.

While the scores were fairly comfortably in their favour, we didn’t feel outclassed, and playing against top level opposition in a big event is always a valuable learning experience.  

Progressing through the open qualifier was important and in future we expect to continue playing at this level while we start to collect wins against the top ranked teams in the region and cement our position up there amongst them.”      

Keep up to date with the Valorant team on TENSTAR socials and make sure to watch them play Vitality in the VCT Lower Bracket Closed Qualifiers here



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