by Dominic Widdop | July 05, 2021

Following TENSTAR VALORANT's victory in the UK & I Skirmish and 3rd stage VCT Closed Qualifier run TENSTAR will move into the next stage of their development with the goal of creating a UK VALORANT Centre of Excellence in conjunction with the recently announced TAP3 Programme.

After expanding into multiple esports titles and gaining followers both here in the UK, Europe and North America TENSTAR is now seeking talented and motivated individuals for a number of appointments:

Sessional/Squad Coaches (REF SC01)-

Those applying for this role will ideally have T1/T2 coaching experience, but we will consider up and coming coaches.

You will be ideally UK based but high performing EU based coaches are welcome to apply.

You will report to the VALORANT Head Coach and be able to give input and present in squad sessions and competition preparation.

There will be training to Head Coach one of our TAP3 Programmes.

There are 3 posts available.

Analysts (REF AN01)-

You must have a deep understanding of both micro and macro play across every competitive map.

You will work within a team, to understand and study opposition and create strategies and counter-strategies that result in positive team performances.

You will help support the senior team, and work with a wide variety of athletes at different levels in our TAP3 Programme.

You will report to the Senior Analyst.

You must be a fluent English speaker and ideally based in the UK.

There are 2 posts available.

VALORANT Athletes (REF PR01)-

TENSTAR is welcoming applications from aspiring UK based VALORANT athletes.

All ranks considered.

You may apply as a team or as a solo player/LFT.

There are 10 posts available.

These listed positions will offer benefits including:

Team merchandise.

A professional and exciting work environment.

A rate of pay depending on experience.


To apply, please send your details and role reference to tap3@tenstar.gg


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