TENSTAR thank Sam Malvern (Social Manager) as he departs the business

by Dominic Widdop | November 09, 2021

TENSTAR thank Sam Malvern for being one of the space pioneers that were there from the businesses launch as he departs for new adventures.

Sam acted as social media manager for TENSTAR from its conception to early November - quickly becoming the man behind the public face of the brand.

It was a mission filled with memes, victories, losses, announcements and incredible growth from a meeting of just 7 people to one of the UK’s most exciting esports clubs.

Here are some goodbyes!


I want to wish Sam the very best in his next mission. He's been a great part of the team and helped shape our socials and our marketing plan over the last 7 months. He will be greatly missed, and we definitely count him as a lifelong team mate.

TENSTAR Graphic Designer Lead Jess Prescott-

Sam has been an integral part of TENSTAR and ADAMO and to say he will be missed is a huge understatement. I have personally worked with Sam from the first day he entered the business and watching him grow and move on to running the TENSTAR socials was amazing. I am privileged to have worked by his side for so many months and everyone in the business will feel the exact same. Whatever is up next for Sam I know he will be put his whole heart into it and smash it. I am sending good luck and wishing him well on his journey. TENSTAR will always be a home for you pal.

Adamo General Manager Anthony McDonald-

Sam has been nothing but a professional who gave 110% to everything he was involved in and raised it to another level.  I have had the pleasure of being able to call him both a colleague and a friend, I can only see him moving forwards and on an upwards trajectory. He is and always will be TENSTAR and ADAMO

All at TENSTAR want to wish Sam all the best with his new endeavours and assure him a lifelong place in the TENSTAR family.

TENSTAR Press Officer Dominic Widdop-

Sam, it has been an amazing journey from what this started as to now. I want to thank you for always going the extra mile and working extra hours to ensure TENSTAR's social presence is the best it can be.  Our trip to Nova's boot camp in Paris will forever be with me and I wish you all the best in your new role. Thanks, Sam.


TENSTAR Graphic Designer Nathan Roberts-

It was sad to hear that Sam would be departing from TENSTAR. Since we formed in May, he has been with us and has always been an integral and positive part of the company. A massive amount of our brand's personality grew from our social media, so we have so much to thank him for. It's really awesome to hear he is taking a step to advance in this industry and his career. We all wish him the best of luck in what's to come!

ADAMO and TENSTAR Digital Support Executive Tyler Jay-

Although we didn't work together as much as I'd like, you've been incredible when it comes to communicating and responding. Helping me to move things forward  whenever I ask for stuff.  I still use you as an example when talking about social media. All the best with everything, I look forward to seeing your place updating;)xx

TENSTAR Talent Scout Nic Page-

Hi Sam I think I will miss you, despite not being to interact with you all the time, glad to have had you as our socials and I think you did fantastic work and content.
Good Luck with your future work!

Thank you, Sam!

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