TENSTAR ACADEMY (TAP³) Announce Roster Updates

by Dominic Widdop | December 01, 2021

TENSTAR TAP³ announce the signing of a new VALORANT analyst and coach for its VULCAN roster and player for TITAN roster.

After fielding two impressive academy rosters this September TENSTAR is thrilled to announce three new additions for the 2022 season.


James 'Stokesy' (IGL)


Alexander 'Aplox' Porter (Coach)

Morgan 'BigTime' Henry Jay (Analyst)


TENSTAR ACADEMY (TAP³) hope that these new appointments of exciting and talented professionals will help push TITAN and VULCAN to continued success in 2022.

TENSTAR ACADEMY (TAP³) Manager Adrian Sadkowski said on the recruits:

Aplox and BigTime's brainpower was a needed addition to VULCAN's highly mechanical team. With Stokesy filling the spot of an IGL in team TITAN I'm confident that both teams will be disruptors in the Tier 2 scene.

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