TENSTAR say goodbye to TENSTAR Valorant roster

by Dominic Widdop | April 28, 2022

After a successful tenure with the club TENSTAR VALORANT graduate as Rising Stars to esports titans MAD LIONS.

After first signing to the club as Tarren Mill in May 2021 as its first competitive roster TENSTAR VALORANT has seen numerous successes that resulted in the emergence of one of the most competitive EU VALORANT rosters.

TENSTAR would like to thank Jack, Callum, Peter, Niko, Alexandre, Aqib and Domagoj, for their contributions, passion, and achievements while with TENSTAR.

They embodied exactly what it means to be Rising Stars coming into the club and quickly becoming emerging superstars before leaving for new horizons with a lasting legacy.

Here is a brief overview of their TENSTAR journey-

June 29th 2021-

After a tense semi-final game vs M4LIK, TENSTAR VALORANT beat AREA in a definitive Upper Bracket Final and Grand Final to become the UK & I Skirmish Champions.

July 29th 2021-

TENSTAR fought in the Champions Tour Europe Stage 3: Challengers 2. Here they finished 4th in the bracket against teams such as FNATIC, GIANTS, Vitality and Liquid.

August 26 to September 27th 2021-

LVP Rising Series #3 saw TENSTAR come overall second to a dominant GIANTS roster. To get to the final they beat Fnatic, WILD, and Movi.

September 30th to October 22nd 2021-

In the #4 LVP Rising Series TENSTAR got revenge on GIANTS 2-0 before falling to LDN UTD in the final - again claiming second place.

November 4th to November 8th 2021-

TENSTAR took to Paris for their first-ever boot camp. This camp, for Redbull Homegrounds #2 allowed TENSTAR a 4th place finish behind Acend, Liquid, and GIANTS.

January 29th to March 20th 2022-

2022 saw TENSTAR return to Bootcamp at the CBS Arena in Coventry for the Polaris Regional League Playoffs.

Here TENSTAR got to the final before sadly falling to XL. 


 1x UK & I Skirmish Title
  2x LVP Rising Series 2nd Places
  1x Champions Tour Europe Stage 3: Challengers 2 4th Place
   1x Redbull Homeground 4th Place

Please join us in congratulating the boys and supporting them in their bright futures!

They will ALWAYS have a home here.

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