TENSTAR’s School Space Programme has lift off!

by Dominic Widdop | June 29, 2021


TENSTAR’s School Space Programme (T.S.S.P) has made its maiden voyage, making a perfect landing in Wolston St Margaret’s, Warwickshire at 1000hrs on June 25th, 2021.

The mission, judged to be of galactic importance, was led by Commander Roderick and masterfully supported by T.S.S.P Pilot J.Clarke and co-pilot Jackson.

The aim of the mission was to understand the needs of the young life forms that dwell in Wolston and to share our future technology and intelligence with the newly discovered beings.

The mission was a resounding success, with Commander Roderick, reporting back to mission control the following classified report:

“The young life forms were far more advanced than we expected. They understood our technology and showed incredible intelligence and application way above what our initial reports indicated. We believe these ‘humans’, will be valuable assets to the progress of our mission and will provide TENSTAR with a great outpost for future visits.”

TENSTAR are planning to launch their T.S.S.P to new locations bringing the TENSTAR crew directly to you!

This will include education days, young people’s mental wellness workshops, promoting positive gaming experiences and encouraging engagement in S.T.E.M. fields in children aged 9-16.

T.S.S.P will also be using its multi-dimensional onboard scanner to scan for potential esports athletes who would be interested in joining exciting future programmes.

Future reports will become unclassified in forthcoming weeks, along with information packs for schools.

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