TENSTAR release academy rosters

by Dominic Widdop | January 08, 2022

As of 1800hrs on 7th January 2022, the rosters and support staff of both TENSTAR Vulcan and TENSTAR Titan were released from their academy contracts.

Both teams had expressed a desire to compete in the forthcoming VCT and VRL VALORANT competitions . Having sought and obtained clarification from RIOT the only option was to accelerate their graduation from the programme and to release them from all contractual ties to TENSTAR, its support network and staff.

TENSTAR have come to agreements with two hugely exciting UK based esports organisations that are perfect fits to help develop the rosters to their full potentials.

TENSTAR thank all of the players and staff, for being the first-ever graduates of the TAP3 programme and wish them well both on and off the server.
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