TENSTAR R6S announces Zenoxo

by Dominic Widdop | June 12, 2022

TENSTAR are delighted to announce the signing of Justin "Zenoxo" Osztafi to their Rainbow Six Siege roster.

Justin Osztafi, also known as Zenoxo was born in Aachen, Germany and brings over 11 years of FPS experience to TENSTAR.

With experience in CSS, CS:GO, and numerous COD titles Zenoxo hopes to achieve his personal goals of becoming a Siege superstar while achieving the extraordinary. 

On joining TENSTAR Zenoxo commented:

"I´m absolutely stoked to finally join this team. I got to know them last year already and I thought they are going to be a very strong contender in NPL/CL. I believe now with this roster we are even stronger and more balanced. Jonka addition will be a huge boost to the team simply because he brings so much experience which we all will profit from. I believe we have very big potential to even become a challenger for the EUL Spot. It's all about finding the right form at the perfect time. So let's get to work!"

TENSTAR Interim CEO Kieran Robertson said on Zenoxo's signing:

"With the recent transfer of Savage to the EUL we knew the replacement had to be able to fill his boots and more - Zenoxo is the perfect replacement for Savage, being rated as one of the best up-and-coming talents in the GSA I can't wait to continue this journey with him under the TENSTAR banner, Challengers League, we're coming for you!"

Zenoxo joined TENSTAR from Ovation esports and his addition follows the May signing of Jonka from G2. 

TENSTAR currently sit 6th in the NPL table in a play off position.

Please join TENSTAR in welcoming Zenoxo aboard and follow him here

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