TENSTAR R6S win the Rainbow Rumble

by Dominic Widdop | February 06, 2022

TENSTAR R6S overcame fellow UKIN 2 team LFO to be crowned winners of the Rainbow Rumble.

TENSTAR emerged victorious in a competition that featured some of Europe's finest R6S talent.

In a dominant fashion, TENSTAR dismantled LFO 7-2 on Bank, and 7-2 on Villa, which in addition to a free map win resulted in a 3-0 series.

This victory follows the rosters boot camp at Warwick University's esports centre that provided space and support for the duration. 

On the victory TENSTAR CEO Tom Roderick said:

"We are super proud of the boys and their commitment and skill shown throughout this event. It was never in doubt that we were top contenders and I'm glad we delivered and hopefully showed our worth ahead of our hopefully upcoming promotion."

TENSTAR R6S play again on 07/02/2021 in the UKIN 2 promotion series.

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