TENSTAR: Nova win The Rix.GG Huntress Trials (Tournament Roundup)

by Dominic Widdop | August 16, 2021

TENSTAR: Nova has become the first team to win back to back Huntress Trials with a 2-0 series win over Project X.

The newly refreshed Nova roster battled through some close best-of-3 series games before winning the final in a comfortable 2-0 series victory.

They gain not just their first title under the TENSTAR: Nova umbrella but also their second Huntress Trials title - bringing home £1000 and the respect of the Game Changers and wider VALORANT Community.


Series 1 vs maybegokilla - Score 13-1, 13-2 (Overall 2-0) 14/08/2021


The first series of the tournament saw Nova compete against maybegokilla a newcomer to the Huntress Trials. 

The roster quickly impressed with two decisive victories on Split and Breeze. Both Nelo and LiriLia popped off in the second game with scores not out of place in a deathmatch!

Nova MVP – Nelo


Series 2 vs Lux Nova - Score 9-13, 13-6, 13-9 (Overall 2-1) 14/08/2021


The second series saw Nova vs Nova in a battle across Split, Haven and Bind.

Things started shaky with TENSTAR: Nova falling 9-13 to an oppressive Reyna and Sage performance from Lux Nova.

Things turned around with Haven, with Nelo and Ninou dominating attack and pushing TENSTAR to a 13-6 victory.

The series closed out with a 13-9 win on Bind pushing TENSTAR Nova into the Semi-Finals.

Nova MVP – Cla


Semi-Final vs ChatBanned - Score 14-12, 8-13, 13-10 (Overall 2-1) 15/08/2021


This semi-final series pushed Nova to their best as they battled for a place in the Grand Final.

ChatBanned lost in a tense overtime on Haven where they showed a real attacking prowess.  

Nova attempted to capitalise on the first games victory by taking Icebox - but even some amazing ninja defuses couldn't bring home a Nova map win. 

The final map saw the tense series end in a nail-biting Bind victory for Nova putting them into the Grand Final.

Nova MVP – Sliicyy


Grand Final vs Project X -  13-8, 15-13 (Overall 2-0) 15/08/2021


The Grand Final saw TENSTAR: Nova facing off against their final opponents from the previous Huntress Trials Project X.

The first map saw a return to Icebox where Nova managed to learn from the semi-finals and create a much more convincing attack - winning the map 13-8.

This meant the deciding map would be Split. Here Project X put up a fight, pushing the game into overtime.

A final kill from Nelo solidified Huntress Trials history with the first title retention and a perfect start to Nova's journey.  

 Nova MVP – Ninou


TENSTAR: Nova is now rank 14 world in Game Changers!

Congratulations to our girls and thank you to Rix.GG and the other teams for an incredible tournament.

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