TENSTAR: Nova win a third consecutive Huntress Trials (Tournament Roundup)

by Dominic Widdop | February 21, 2022

TENSTAR: Nova have become three-time consecutive winners of the Rix.GG Huntress Trials after a 2-0 series against SMB Female.

The Nova roster, with the recent return of original member Nelo demolished the competition not dropping a map before winning the final in a comfortable 2-0 series victory.

The formidable roster brings home £1000 - a third title, and the continued respect of the wider VALORANT Community.


Series 1 vs Besiktas Esports Female - Score 18-16, 13-5 (Overall 2-0) 


The first series of the tournament saw Nova compete against the Turkish Football giants and established esports brand Beskitas esports Female.

The first map took the teams to Bind where an intense overtime saw Nova take the victory as Cla managed to pull rounds from the brink with some incredible clutch plays.

The second map fell straight to Nova's  favour as they ploughed through a destructive attacking side with a star performance by Sliicyy.

Nova MVP – Cla 

QUATER FINAL vs BUDAPEST5 - Score 13-1,13-2 (Overall 2-0) 


The second series was a complete and brilliant showing from Nova who quickly dismantled BP5 on Haven before a repeat on Split - dropping just 3 rounds total.

Cla excelled again in this series with performances cementing her in the upper echelons of female VALORANT.

Nova MVP – Cla


Semi-Final vs UNtapped - Score 13-11, 13-8 (Overall 2-0) 


This semi-final series showed Nova at their best as they battled for a place in the Grand Final.

Against tough opposition, Nova showed why they are world superstars by pushing UNtapped on both maps putting them into the Grand Final.

Nova MVP – LiriLia


Grand Final vs SMB FEMALE -  13-3, 13-11 (Overall 2-0) 


The Grand Final saw TENSTAR: Nova facing off against SMB Female, a team that often competes in the upper brackets of most major GC events.

The first map saw a return to Split where Nova continued their immense form with a 13-3 victory with Cla yet again showing Raze supremacy.

The decider took the teams to the ever eventful Fracture where Nova eventually took the series and their third Huntress Trials title.

Nova MVP – Cla


TENSTAR: Nova is now ranked 2 in the world in Game Changers!

Congratulations to our girls and thank you to Rix.GG and the other teams for an incredible tournament.

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