TENSTAR: Nova Announce Roster Change

by Dominic Widdop | December 03, 2021

TENSTAR announce the benching of Nova player ‘Nelo’ for the upcoming 2022 VALORANT season

TENSTAR have benched Mathilde ‘Nelo’ Beltoise in a considered decision that hopes to benefit both parties going forward into 2022. 

The 2x EMEA Champion is free to look for other opportunities. 

During her time under the Nova banner, Nelo not only dominated in the first two EMEA Game Changers title wins but embodied the passion and spirit that TENSTAR as an organisation stands for.

On the decision to bench Nelo TENSTAR CEO Tom Roderick said:

"Nelo has been a really strong asset for the team, throughout the Game Changers series. Her passion and drive really helped the team establish itself as one of the strongest in the region. 

We make every change to our playing resource a considered decision. The decision to bench Nelo was the result of a review on how we build for next season, and how we adapt to an ever-changing meta. Our goal now is to work out how we take TENSTAR: Nova to the next level."

TENSTAR thank Nelo for the memories and wish her the best in what will be a fulfilling and successful career

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