TENSTAR Halo welcomes Monoxide

by Dominic Widdop | January 19, 2022

TENSTAR Halo is delighted to announce the signing of Alec 'Monoxide' Mueller ahead of Anaheim 2022.

Starting his Halo career in 2008 Alec competed throughout the early Halo MLG boom before taking a break and returning for Master Chief Collection and H2A placing consistently in the top 12-16.

With the emergence of the grassroots focus of Halo 5, he decided to begin streaming while still focusing on FPS titles.

Monoxide joins TENSTAR with hopes of returning to past form and cementing TENSTAR as a household name in the Infinite scene.

On joining TENSTAR  Alec 'Monoxide' Mueller said:

"With the release of Infinite, I’m extremely excited to be competing again and looking forward to putting in the work to progress and get back to those placings and beyond."

Please join TENSTAR in welcoming Monoxide aboard and follow him here

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