by Matt Loftus | May 24, 2021

London, May 24th 2021 - Today, TENSTAR enters their first esports title by picking up the British squad of Tarren Mill.

The successful and emerging players join a newly established organisation to form TENSTAR’s first ever professional esports roster. 


Jack “Br0die” Emmott

Calum “KRAY” Knight

Russel “Russ” Mendes

Tramaine “stanley” Stanley

Niko “polvi” Polvinen

Peter “Spin” Bradford (Coach)

This roster has a wealth of experience in CS:GO, having secured various national titles. With this tenacity and drive, it will certainly set a precedent for the ambition that TENSTAR has going forward. Tarren Mill has four Grand Final appearances, including two notable first places and a highly sought-after free agent roster prior to joining TENSTAR.

With TENSTAR’s new reveal as an esports organisation, their ultimate goal is to have a place within Riot Games’ VALORANT community.

General Manager, Matt Loftus said:

“We’re so excited to be able to finally announce this roster. It has been a long time coming with an extremely ambitious journey. We took our time with identifying a roster that fits our vision as an organisation and one that can compete against the best.

“With TENSTAR being a brand-new organisation, we aim to make a stamp on the scene and show the communities of VALORANT what the team is made of, today is where we conquer the universe.

“The team in recent weeks has shown incredible potential and growth, having recently secured a stable fifth. We want to push them to reach their full potential and to win every tournament they compete in.”

Chief Executive Officer, Tom Roderick said:

“We are super stoked to have these guys on board, and the early signs show that we have backed the right group to hit the decks running. These aren’t just a great group of players, but they’re also really exciting individuals to have on our journey.”

The first big challenge for TENSTAR VALORANT will be competing in the UK & I Skirmish by ESL UK where the team will be looking to take home the title and be crowned the best UK team in VALORANT.

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