TENSTAR enters Rainbow Six Siege

by Dominic Widdop | June 26, 2021

London, June 26th 2021 - TENSTAR are happy to announce their entrance to Rainbow Six Siege with the signing of an exciting and talented roster that will join the already thriving organisation.

TENSTAR Rainbow Six Siege are:

Jake “Leadr” Fortunato

Callum “azzr” Aitchison

Bruno “Bruno” Matan

James “Boomed” Lee

Adam “Skeptic” Williamson

Previously known as ‘Flight Esports’ they recently achieved promotion to Division 1 of the UK & Ireland Nationals (UKIN) after a third-place finish proving themselves not just formidable but also well suited to the ambitious and tenacious TENSTAR.

With TENSTAR’s meteoric expansion into Rainbow Six Siege, they hope to achieve high placement in the UK & Ireland Nationals - cementing the organisation as a multi title threat.

General Manager, Matt Loftus said:

“Being able to field a roster within an up and coming league such as UKIN is a great achievement for the organisation. Ubisoft have created a great place for both teams and organisations to thrive within their national league and we hope to continue to do just that."

Chief Executive Officer, Tom Roderick said:

“We’re very excited to be launching a team to compete in Rainbow Six. Ryan’s vision for the team, closely matched ours and to have a second title on board so soon is about 5 months ahead of plan. Can’t wait to see them in action.”

TENSTAR trust this new roster will carve a place in the highly competitive Rainbow Six Siege community. Keep up to date with TENSTAR socials for updates.

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