TENSTAR announce new Nova roster for upcoming Huntress Trials

by Dominic Widdop | August 08, 2021

London, August 8th, 2021-  TENSTAR announce a new refreshed female VALORANT roster including veteran esports talent.


TENSTAR: Nova are:

Asma "Lirilia" Boughida 

Mathilde "NeloBeltoise 

Lucy "Sliicyy" Tran 

Nouhara "Ninou" Marcos  

Clara "ClaRossi  

Alexis "shame9k" Tanneau (Coach) 


TENSTAR said goodbye to the original Nova roster earlier this week after an opportunity arose to sign one of the best Game Changer rosters in the world - fighting off interest from several Tier 1 Organisations. (for more information click here)

This current roster came to fruition 6 months ago when Lirilia decided to create a team. After an impressive pick-up game, Nelo joined the team followed shortly by Ninou. This gave them a solid core of talent.

After some promising results, ESWC 2014 Female winner Cla contacted Lirilla to join the team - reforming a deadly CSGO duo.

The final member of the roster Sliicyy joined just after Cla to complete a roster that was determined to impress.

The rosters Coach Alexis "shame9k" Tanneau has experience as a professional player in CS:GO winning LAN titles in Spain and in VALORANT with his team finishing top 25 in beta and top 32 VCT. He also studies Master 2 Sport Management at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Strasbourg.

He joins TENSTAR after being attracted by their incentive to push forward female esports.


So far the roster has already achieved (under the GangsterzZ banner):

3rd in RixGG Huntress Trials - April 2021

3rd in Girl's House - May 2021

2nd RixGG Huntress Trials - May 2021

1st RixGG Huntress Trials - July 2021

This new TENSTAR Nova roster hopes to continue their success under the TENSTAR moniker - carving a path into the highest levels of competitive VALORANT.

A mission statement from the roster reads:

"We want to prove that the female scene can compete with the male scene and that we deserve our place among the best. Moreover, we want to represent France until the end, and prove that besides being friends, we are great competitors determined to progress together to win everything. 

TENSTAR Director of VALORANT Sydney "J0hn" Méral said:

“Previously, we wanted to achieve something in the female scene but on a long term. Right now, with everything that RIOT is putting in place for the female scene, we had to move forward and get the right team to make sure we reach our main goal which is to lead European VALORANT with the biggest and strongest setup. Now, having this roster is one of the major steps that we needed to take.”

TENSTAR CEO Tom Roderick said on the signing:

"As a club, we have always set our stall out about inclusion and leading the way in this area. It's what Sarah and Ben do every day. The chance to sign one of the best performing teams in the world was too good an opportunity to pass up.

We want to create role models to inspire the next generation of female and marginalised gender players. We will achieve this most effectively by success on the server and also the work we do outside of it too.

Esports is leading the way in this, and we want to be part of that. I am proud, as a club, that we are one of the first in EU VALORANT to launch a full-time pro Game Changer roster. There is a lot of excitement currently in the scene about RIOT's movement in the EU Game Changer series, which seems to be playing catch up to NA and some other regions - but we are confident that the gap will be closed soon.”

TENSTAR: Nova's first challenge comes in August RixGG Huntress Trials - a competition with a £2000 prize pool that this roster has seen previous success in.


Please give all your love and support to the newest additions to the TENSTAR family and keep up to date with Nova's progress on our socials

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