7 Of Our Favourite Esports Moments!

by Dominic Widdop | September 08, 2021

Everyone has a sporting moment they cannot forget. A last-minute goal, an underdog knockout, these moments stay with us forever. 

Esports is no exception to this although being in its relative infancy compared to more traditional sport. 

We at TENSTAR & Adamo Gaming decided to share seven of our favourite esports moments with you all!

Ty (TENSTAR & Adamo Gaming Business Support Executive) 

My favourite moment in esports is OpTic winning COD Champs in 2017. Watching that as someone who got into esports from OpTic was crazy.

 Most recently, watching the CDL from MW and to Cold War was a highlight,  as was being able to witness more things due to everything being online. I Felt like I generally was apart of something. Some of the games OpTic, FaZe and Ravens played were just insane, even for a game like Cold War where I'm not that into it - seeing how these guys play is something special.


Jess W (TENSTAR & Adamo Gaming Community Manager)

Watching League of Legends Worlds 2018.It was the first big gaming event I'd ever watched all the way through and was what made me go ‘I want to do that’


Charlie Curtis (TENSTAR TAP3 Player/Streamer)

My favourite esports memory that I can specify has to be watching TENSTAR play TL and FNATIC whilst in VC with everyone!


Dom W (TENSTAR Digital Manager) 

My favourite esports moment has to be TENSTAR winning the UK & I Skirmish. It really got me into competitive VALORANT and gave me the same buzz I get watching football. It also showed the potential our team had and made me so excited for the future.


Lauren Dean Westwood (TENSTAR & Adamo Gaming Digital Manager for Social Media)

It was a CSGO Tournament DreamHack 2014 QuarterFinal with Fnatic and LDLC on the Overpass map. Fnatic were losing 13-3 and desperate for a comeback. Olof boosted on teammates heads, which the map creators didn't even know was possible. He did this every single round from there winning the map!


Dougie (TENSTAR & Adamo Gaming Merchandise Manager)

My favourite esports moment has to be a DOTA 2 play so good it literally got deemed "The Play"


Adrian S (TAP3 Programme Manager)

This Snax 1 v 4 clutch at CS:GO ESL New York 2016 has to be my favourite.

Either that or Fnatic olofmeister's Overpass boost vs LDLC.


There were 7 of our favourite esports moments - what are some of yours?

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