LVP Series #3 Round-up

by Dominic Widdop | September 09, 2021

TENSTAR's main Valorant roster managed to overcome some of EU's finest talent to place 2nd in the third LVP Rising Series.

TENSTAR beat out teams such as Fnatic and Team Finest to secure a £1000 prize and 2240 circuit points.

Aside from the prize pool, TENSTAR managed to continue their exciting VCT form by consistently performing against Tier 1 orgs and even beating EU titans Fnatic in a tense best of 3 series.

Here is a round-up of TENSTAR Valorant's LVP Series #3!

Series 1 vs Tropa Suprema - Score 13-2, 13-3 (Overall 2-0) 26/08/2021


The first series of the tournament saw TENSTAR taking on VALORANT newcomers Tropa Suprema.

The first map saw a Polvi master class on Icebox with a decisive 13-2 win.

The second map was just as decisive with a 13-3 win on Ascent.




Series 2 vs Axsor- Score 13-11, 13-5, (Overall 2-0) 26/08/2021


The second series started with a close game on Breeze with a brilliant attacking performance giving TENSTAR the win.

The second game was far less close with Polvi yet again carrying the team with an incredible Raze performance.



Group Stage Opening vs UCAM Esports Club - Score 13-11 (Overall 1-0) 30/08/2021


Onto the Group Stage now a tough Haven best of one was clinched by Russ who dominated the attacking half.




Group Stage Winners vs  GIANTS GAMING-  Score 9-13 (Overall 0-1) 30/08/2021


TENSTAR now faced the toughest opponents so far with GIANTS GAMING.

Even a brilliant performance from the team couldn't overcome GIANTS who won the series in a close 9-13 match on Split.




Group Stage Decider vs WiLD Multi Gaming - Score 13-6 (Overall 1-0) 30/08/2021

In the deciding game of TENSTAR's LVP run, they came up against WiLD Multi Gaming on Split.

Yet another dominating Polvi Raze performance along with solid teamwork on defence solidified a 13-6 victory for TENSTAR.



Play off Quarter Finals vs Movistar Riders- Score 13-6, 13-10 (Overall 2-0) 05/09/2021

The quarter finals ended in a 2-0 series win over Movistar Riders.

The first match on Breeze allowed Kray to flex his Viper skills securing a 13-6 victory.

The second was a closer affair with Movistar Riders performing well on Ascent attack. TENSTAR managed to pull through however and take the quarter finals 2-0.




Play off Semi Finals vs Fnatic- Score 9-13, 13-8, 13-11 (Overall 2-1) 06/09/2021

In the most thrilling series in TENSTAR Valorant's history, they managed to overcome EU titans Fnatic in a 3 game series.


The first game saw TENSTAR threw an 8 round lead on Icebox while still showing they had what it took to compete.

The second game took the teams to Split with Polvi and Russ leading the team to a 13-8 victory and hope for a place in Finals.

Kray stepped up for the third game on Haven pushing TENSTAR to the LVP Final, a victory over Fnatic after 2 painful previous losses and to 7th in EU.




Final vs GIANTS GAMING - Score 10-13, 10-13, 5-13 (Overall 0-3) 07/09/2021

TENSTAR found themselves in the final vs GIANTS GAMING hoping to avenge the previous Group Stage Loss.

GIANTS managed to overcome TENSTAR in a close final series that cemented TENSTAR as a real threat to Tier 1 orgs.

Game one was a close 13-10 loss on Split followed by another 13-10 loss on Bind.

The final game was a masterclass by GIANTS who beat TENSTAR 13-5 on Haven claiming the LVP Rising #3 title.




TENSTAR Valorant is now rank 8 world in EU!

Congratulations to our roster and thank you to LVP and the other teams for an incredible tournament.

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