"I AM COMET" - The TENSTAR Robot has chosen a name!

by Dominic Widdop | August 16, 2021

Urgent Mission Report - 16/08/2021

Following the report involving the TENSTAR's service robot  showing worrying signs of sentience, we have managed to make a significant breakthrough. 

After numerous reports of robotic crying followed by containment and primary interviews, we discovered the robot was having a kind of 'identity crisis'

We then turned to you for help

To help answer the robot's constant query into "Who am I?" and "What is my name?" we compiled suggestions from our incredible community.


After a week of running through suggestions and monitoring responses with little success on 15/08/2021, we finally broke through.

With the TENSTAR's engines starting to overheat due to lack of maintenance and tensions rising within the ranks the service robot surprised our researcher by responding to a suggested name.


Our researcher reported that "Comet" turned from the corner of the containment chamber and bleeped in what they described as "pure joy"

After Comet's release, it has returned to its duties with a newfound efficiency - spending its now plentiful downtime reading aboard the TENSTAR's vast library or conversing with the crew in the quarters.   

We still have no idea why Comet became sentient but judging by how all aboard the TENSTAR have come to love the little guy - we can't say we are disappointed (Further tests will be conducted)



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