Help us name the TENSTAR Robot!

by Dominic Widdop | August 06, 2021

Urgent Mission Report - 30/07/2021


Aboard the TENSTAR our normally docile service robot has started showing worrying signs of sentience.

We have quarantined it to a stasis chamber for monitoring after a crewmate reported seeing it starring into a mirror while repeating “Who am I?”

Another crew mate reported hearing robotic crying from outside his quarters – which was corroborated by numerous other high ranking crew members.

In primary interviews conducted by myself, I can confirm the Robot is working against programming and starting to question not just the world around it but its purpose – and although its language is basic it is sentient.

It has asked me multiple times “What is my name?” and “Who am I?” and I have been unable to give it an answer other than its model name of 10STAR – this seemed to create a sense of sadness with it avoiding further questioning and its essential tasks.

So, in this desperate time, we turn to you.

Help us name the TENSTAR Robot!

Any suggestions comment them on our related Twitter post and the option will be selected as the Official name for TENSTAR’s mascot.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - If we can not get the robot to come to terms with its sentience by Friday the13th of August then our mission will fail.

Until then as always keep up to date with our socials for all things TENSTAR!


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