Getting to know - TENSTAR Polvi

by Dominic Widdop | August 05, 2021

We catch up with everyone's favourite Finn to learn more about one of the most exciting prospects in VALORANT and community favourite - TENSTAR Polvi.

What made you choose TENSTAR?

I've never been signed by an org that gives so much love, support and where the staff is always willing to chat. TENSTAR really is an upcoming top-tier organization with a lot of potential - and I do not regret being part of it.

What is your highlight of 2021 so far?

Being part of Tarren Mill and signed by TENSTAR, getting soo much support by the VALORANT community and beating my depression which I have struggled with all of my life.

What is your favourite game? Why?

Outside VALORANT, I think my favourite game has to be either Guitar Hero or OSU! I've been into rhythm-song games since I've been 8 and by playing these games, I think my reaction times have become much better.

Where do you see TENSTAR by 2022?

Hopefully as the biggest esports organization in the UK.

Other than gaming – tell us about a passion/hobby you have

I used to play floorball (a type of hockey) when I was younger in a team named SPARTAK - but I had to quit since I moved from the city that we were training with the team. It got really expensive for my parents to get me into the training and there was no one really interested in floorball in my village so I had to quit and leave the team. Nowadays I only just go outside for a walk/jogging.

If you had to describe yourself with a film – which film and why?

That's a tough question, I barely watch movies/films but I guess "Lapland Odyssey" (Napapiirin sankarit). I'm from Northern Finland (Kainuu, Sotkamo) and the movie really shows what being Finnish is.

If you could meet one person from any time in history, who and why?

My biological father. I've never talked with him face-to-face, I tried to meet with him but his girlfriend/wife denied it, don't know why (she's a youth worker as well what I've heard, lol). Only because he's my real father and from what I've heard he's a really nice and a cool guy nowadays.

Toughest Valorant opponent so far?

FNATIC 100%, they've always played good and always been prepared.

I know mental health is something you are super passionate about – what would you say to someone out there struggling?

Never give up! Never hurt yourself! If you feel bad, don't know what to do with your life/in future I'd just suggest not to think too much about it (might sound funny but trust me). Go for a walk, do a workout, clean your house or talk to your friends (listening to emo-rap personally always helped me as well)! I used to be depressed, wanted to hurt myself every day and I defeated it by just trying to do my best.

What is your favourite place in Finland?

Hmm, I've never really liked travelling. But I really love Sotkamo, it's really an underrated village here around Finland. Only known because of the beach and the baseball team.

How is Rodi? And how did he get his name?

Haha my parents actually named him. he's growing up at my parents house, but I love the little fella. of course he's a bit shy still but he'll be getting treated well.

How does it feel when you see the amount of support the community give you (Polvi diff)? 

Its absolutely insane, never though id be able to get this much support so I want to thank everyone for the support!❤️

Some final words for the fans

Thank you everyone for the support!! I'm always open to chat, willing to answer some questions whenever I'm not playing if you want to ask something from/about me and hopefully, my English was good enough to be understood since my English isn't that great :D

Kiitos! (Thank you in Finnish)


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