Getting to know - TENSTAR Nelo

by Dominic Widdop | September 15, 2021

TENSTAR Nova has recently celebrated a second consecutive Huntress Trials Victory and second place BOP and Women in Games tournament finishes.

A vital part of the roster's success is the focus of today's Getting to know! Viper extraordinaire TENSTAR Nelo!

What made you choose TENSTAR?

I was not the one who chose TENSTAR. TENSTAR gave me the opportunity to compete in their team as a player and I am glad that I took it. 

TENSTAR is still a very young organisation, therefore I had the opportunity to take part in something that is growing with me.

What is your highlight of 2021 so far?

My highlight for 2021 was the 5th Huntress Trials in August. 

It was the first win with TENSTAR and also the one which meant the most for me.

What is your favourite game? Why?

Besides Valorant of course, I have a strong relationship with Minecraft. It was the first game that got me into the gaming community.

Where do you see TENSTAR Nova by 2022?

I wish that we will continue to stay on the top of the female Valorant esport. Other than that, I hope that we can improve more and stay as consistent as we are right now.

What song/album can’t you stop listening to right now?

It is necessary to know that whenever I play, I always have background music on. Even in the situation of a clutch, I must have calm music. The song that calms me the most is "when the party is over" by Billie Eillish.

What was your reaction to the announcement of game changers?

I was very happy. We have been waiting for something like game changers for a long time. When the announcement was made we couldn't wait to show everyone the impressive skill of this community. We are also super excited to perform under the name of TENSTAR.

Who (apart from Nova of course) are the top 3 best female teams?

The tournaments gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of good teams. However, there are 3 teams, who will never stop impressing me.

There is Chatbanned, Oxygen Esports and Project X.

What are your hopes for game changers? 

It is obvious that with TENSTAR I am aiming for the first place. I and the team are working really hard for that. We have the desire, the motivation and of course the skill to get there.

What is your favourite season? Why?

I enjoy winter a lot since it offers a lot of snow and the mountains always look beautiful when covered in snow. My main reason however is, that the cold avoids the computer overheating.

What advice would you give to girls wanting to enter the esports industry?

I would say to those girls who are afraid or are just haven't started yet. Take confidence! It's a hard environment but with motivation, passion and work everyone can get there.

Other than gaming – tell us about a passion/hobby you have

Apart from video games, I like to spend time with my friends. I also live near the sea and I go there every once in a while. I also used to play rugby for some time.

In your opinion what is the biggest reason for the lack of girls entering the industry?

I think that many girls are afraid to start because of the remarks that others can make. Even though there are around 30-40% of players in the game are women, it may be still hard for them to improve. Sadly there is still a lot of disrespect towards female players. No one wants to improve in a game that they don't feel comfortable in.

Tell us a fun fact!

When it comes to the team there are so many stories to tell. We are like a family in TENSTAR and we always have stories to tell. One thing I can say about myself is that I always mix up the sites and if I say A it basically means B hahaha. Another fun fact is that I always lose my voice after playing a tournament because I am known to scream a looooooot

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