Getting to know - TENSTAR Lirilia

by Dominic Widdop | August 27, 2021

Not long after her impressive Huntress Trials Victory with TENSTAR: Nova the team's IGL Lirilia gives us an insight into what makes her tick in this much anticipated edition of Getting to know.

What made you choose TENSTAR?

TENSTAR was the first organisation to contact us and to take a close interest in us, and after few discussions with the staff, their vision of team support attracted us immediately. TENSTAR had everything I was looking for in terms of professionalism, their way of accompanying us, their family aspect and their conviviality with all the members of the organization. Beyond that, they are open to discussion and were very responsive, which allowed us to be able to live our daily life and play Valorant.  

What is your highlight of 2021 so far?


In 2021 on Valorant, my main highlight was to be signed by TENSTAR of course, but I must admit that our first victory on Valorant during the Huntress Trials in July with my team was a very important and symbolic moment.

Where do you see TENSTAR: Nova by 2022?

TENSTAR is an organization that has the potential to fully evolve and take off in the same way as some very big esport industry pillars. In my opinion, in 2022 they will have the means to expand further into esports and expand into many other games while providing their players with incredible support and means to succeed.

What is your favourite game? 

If I had to have a favourite game, I would say that it is CS:GO. Not because it is the game that I like the most, but only because it allowed me to know the world of competition - I didn't play to play, but to win. It was only after this that I understood that if I wanted to play at the highest level, I had to give the best of myself.

What qualities make you a good IGL?

It is a complicated question to ask oneself, but I believe that my vision of the game acquired in my past as well as my adaptability and my reactivity allows me to conceive the best solutions in our game. An IGL will always make mistakes, it is only a question of making as few as possible, for that I enter the role of each of my players to try to anticipate the outcome of the rounds.

An IGL must also have good contact with their players, one must be able to trust them, and fortunately, my teammates have always given me this comfort. In the most important moments, especially in tournaments, I have to be there for my team, not to let them down even if it means reducing my individual level - it's the team first.

What advice would you give to girls wanting to enter the esports industry?

If I had to advise the girls who want to enter esports: Go for it. 

I mean, this field is exciting, you don't get into it because you have no choice but because you want to, and that's why you shouldn't hesitate. If you have the chance to know what you want, to know that you like it, don't be afraid. And above all: Don't listen to the critics, there will always be people to pull you down, but there is only one way to answer that, and that is to continue doing what you like.

Other than gaming – tell us about a passion/hobby you have

Apart from video games, I really enjoy spending time with people I love, for me, it’s the best way to feel good. Whether it's my family, my friends or my boyfriend, they are always there for me.

If you had to describe yourself with a film – which film and why?

It's not a movie, but an anime, I'll say Naruto, it may sound funny but I used to watch this anime when I was 8 years old with my brother, and the determination and the will to succeed of the character, despite the failures, the mistakes or the obstacles, always woke up in me a certain strength and particular motivation. It's a feeling I share with many animes, but especially this one. 

Otherwise, if I had to choose a movie I would say The Exorcist because I must be pretty damn scary when I yell at my teammates to rotate in the middle of a round because my brain is overheating.

If you could meet one person from any time in history, who and why?

I don't know, meeting "personalities" don't really interest me. If I had to meet someone one last time, it would probably be my grandfather, I was too young to realize it when he left me. He was the most inspiring person I know, and I would love to see him again today, to be able to talk to him and listen to his advice.

What is your favourite place? Why?

My favourite place is near the Mediterranean beach with my loved ones. I was almost born in these waters in Algeria, and since my top 1 destination remains my vacations near this sea, it is what allows me to relax the most. I can’t last a year without going there.

Give us a fun fact!

With the team, we used to listen to a Naruto soundtrack before playing tournaments, obviously, that's the reason why we won, Sliicyy will tell you that it's because his hamster "Radiant" blessed us, but well...


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