Getting to know - Jess Prescott (Graphic Design Lead)

by Dominic Widdop | September 01, 2021

One of the creative masterminds behind TENSTAR's distinctive brand - today we Get to know - Jess Prescott TENSTAR and Adamo Gaming Design Lead.


What do you most like about TENSTAR?

TENSTAR for me as a designer opened the door for me to be so creative after working in a more managerial role in Adamo Gaming. There’s something fun and exciting about the unknown and that’s what TENSTAR was at the beginning – just an idea. Now watching every game and watching the teams develop feels so heart-warming and almost like a proud parent moment. I’d say that’s what I like the most… it’s just one big family.

What is your highlight of 2021 so far?

Wow where to start, I’ve had so many. With everything that went on in the world, I couldn’t have imagined having such a good year. I think I can narrow it down to two things really.

This month I was offered the job title of Design Lead for TENSTAR & ADAMO. Design Lead was my dream job, so to be sat here writing that I achieved that at 22 blows my brain.

However, my main highlight is that back in June I proposed to my now fiancé (she said yes thank goodness) so obviously that was a massive highlight of 2021 for me. To say I’m happy with how this year has gone is a massive understatement.

What is your favourite game? Why?

Over the years I’ve changed my answer to this depending on what I’ve been playing but right now I’d probably say it’s Apex Legends, because of the storylines & backstories as well as the challenge to constantly improve my skills.

Who is your favourite designer/artist?

Honestly, I have a few but in terms of professional designers, I always go to Shepard Fairey. Then in terms of up-and-coming designers BossLogic – if you haven’t seen his stuff check it out!

What design are you most proud of?

The designer curse is that you’ll create something and about a month later hate it, haha, but I was quite proud of being a part of rebranding Adamo Gaming and its logo. Mostly because I feel proud of where it is heading as a business and what we stand for, so even having a part in that makes me feel great.

Other than gaming/design – tell us about a passion/hobby you have

I’m a born and bred Northerner, which means I'm a hugeeee Rugby League fan! St Helens is where I grew up, so naturally, I support Saints – the best team in the game! Apart from that, I'm also a big MCU fan so you’ll always catch me in the cinema on the release days!

What is your favourite album?

Depends on the genre! But at the time of answering this I'm currently listening to ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ by Halsey.

The best and worst part of your Design Leader role?

The best part is using my creativity and problem-solving. I love being a part of the creative side of esports and working with other creatives. The worst part is telling other designers that something isn’t quite right or if it needs to be amended. It can be hard but over time they develop and become even better designers.

If you had one piece of advice for someone wanting to enter esports what would it be?

Grind hard and love what you do. If you work hard and have a passion, life will find a way for you to do what you love. Don’t hesitate, believe in yourself and thrive for what you want in life. Every moment you spend doing something you love, whether that’s gaming or being creative it is so valuable in helping you reach your goal. Also, remember that whatever you think your barriers are, they don’t have to hinder you. My biggest barrier was my confidence & anxiety, but I found a route that suited me personally, and now I am the happiest I’ve ever been and working in my dream job. Just keep grinding and show your passion!!

Give us a fun fact!

I don’t know if this is a fun fact or an embarrassing fact, but I’ll admit that I collect Funko Pop’s and I’m currently at around 110. But I know I’ll easily double that in a years time (please don’t judge me)


Judgment aside ^ thank you Jess for everything! - Follow Jess here

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