Getting to know - Anthony Mcdonald (Digital Content Manager)

by Dominic Widdop | September 24, 2021

Another Getting to know, another key member of our team - This time we talk to Adamo Gaming and TENSTAR Digital Content Manager Anthony Mcdonald!


What made you choose to work at TENSTAR/Adamo?

I joined before either org really existed or was more just a group of ambitious people looking to create a wave (for all the good reasons) in the gaming market. I liked the enthusiasm from management and the freedom to try and produce something that could really make a difference whilst providing work and experience for people who would not otherwise have it.

Now the joining of TENSTAR - I am looking to help make TENSTAR personable and more than just a skilled group of players, but also a household name of skill, talent and entertainment.

What is your highlight of 2021 so far?

My highlight in 2021 to avoid being cheesy is definitely being given this opportunity. From nothing to providing work to so many people and eventually branching out to be part of something like TENSTAR, some of the content I have been involved in and oversaw has been mesmerising and so exciting.

What is your favourite game? Why?

My favourite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Brilliant to be asked that now, considering that KOTOR is getting a remake in some regard, so I have definitely shed a tear over it in recent days.

I grew up loving Star Wars and Knights of The Old Republic is so typically classic Star Wars. If I had played the series a bit later in my life, I would almost definitely prefer the second one, but nostalgia and memories of experiencing the first game so young, it just cannot be topped in my mind now.

Where do you see yourself by 2022?

Hopefully, still here, I want to be helping TENSTAR and ADAMO carry on growing and myself growing as well. I have been part of things I never thought I would be, and I can only hope I can be a benefit to both TENSTAR and ADAMO to provide these opportunities for everyone involved. I want to continue the journey on myself and becoming the best I can be and provide as much as I can.

Other than gaming – tell us about a passion/hobby you have

Sport- Primarily football. I am a huge Manchester United fan, being born here, football is a huge part of who you are growing up. I follow a couple of different sports and used to play a considerable amount. Sometimes I must take myself away from games and work to keep myself enjoying them and instead I find myself suffering at sports in some form aha. I’m a passionate person and nothing quite beats finishing a week off than being sat in the crowd at Old Trafford. 

What are your 3 favourite football kits of all time?

Wow ok, that is really tough.

The 1999 Manchester United Home Kit. Just absolutely iconic and the year I was born so I have a couple of versions of that kit now for different reasons.

The 1995/96 Ireland Home shirt. Growing up in a primarily Irish household on my dads’ side, Father Ted was always a show I could somewhat relate to, especially in the mannerisms of Mrs. Doyle. This Ireland shirt has become synonymous to me with my childhood and family. The shirt is of course famously what Father Dougal wears to sleep, and I was able to obtain my own version of this kit in the last 12 months.

I could pick a good number of United shirts, however, that would be a difficult choice for me and a bit obvious. I think the AC Milan kit of 2008 really stands out to me! I remember seeing Beckham in it and just really falling in love with a lot of AC Milan kits. The club as a whole is huge and one that I always want to see do well.

What would a perfect Adamo Gaming + TENSTAR look like from your perspective?

They are different entities with different goals, they for sure can help each other, but the audience for one may not be interested in the other so it is smart to remain aware of this.

I of course want success for both and for them to come together when appropriate!

Adamo Gaming is aiming to obviously grow a huge and inclusive gaming community, covering all aspects of gaming entertainment. We want people to think “ADAMO” when they have anything gaming, they want to get involved in- watching videos, reading news, or community tournaments - ADAMO should be the answer.

TENSTAR are making waves in the most possible way in the competitive scene and we of course want to carry this on, my goal is to become more than that. I want us to be a name that brings memories, flair and personality even when the teams may be struggling (everyone goes through slumps)

If you had to describe yourself with a song – which song?

Wow that is so difficult! Describing myself with a song, I think I would go for ‘Sunroof’ by Courtship. It is just happy and pure vibes, and I can’t think of a song that represents who I am really, but the pure sound of that tune just fills me with joy and that’s what I try to do in life.

Who is the goat?

Is it me?

If it’s football then I am always going to pick Ronaldo, however I was always a fan of Pirlo. In life I have no idea who I think the GOAT is if it isn’t me.

If you could meet one person from anytime in history, who and why?

I would probably meet Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was mentioned a lot in my university dissertation, after studying some Daoist philosophy, History and Classics, I have become enamoured with different representations of people. Zhuge Liang is such a wizard from all perspectives, some more literal than others. I could go on a long rant and about all the people from the time period I would love to meet, but Zhuge Liang

What can people expect in the future?(Content wise)

In the future we are looking to bring out everything you want to be looking for. Adamo Gaming should be covering news, rumours, and other fun written pieces that people may be looking for such as “Ideas for killers in Dead by Daylight”.

TENSTAR content of course will be slightly different, however bringing out more personal interviews, clip reviews and some more fun/casual collaboration with ADAMO members. There are some exciting prospects as well being discussed, however it is too early to discuss them as they may be a tad too bold or ambitious for the moment.

If you had one piece of advice for someone wanting to enter esports what would it be?

Grind! Grind! Grind!- If there is only ONE thing I can say, then it is work hard, I couldn’t get into competitive gaming for long enough, I didn’t have the ability or the willingness to work for the ability. I didn’t see myself getting good enough at a game, I can garner the understanding, but implementing the skills was never my forte. You must work hard and harder than anyone else to make strides and it will be recognised.

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