TENSTAR Valorant officially become the UK & I Skirmish Champions!

by Dominic Widdop | June 29, 2021

After a tense semi-final game vs M4LIK, TENSTAR VALORANT beat AREA in a definitive Upper Bracket Final and Grand Final to become the UK & I Skirmish Champions.

After a record of 10 wins to 3 losses over the course of the tournament TENSTAR closed out a close 13-11 victory on Ascent to claim their first major tournament victory under the TENSTAR umbrella.

On the victory TENSTAR General Manager Matt Loftus said:

"This championship victory is everything we could have hoped for, for the team. Our VALORANT crew have shown true tenacity throughout this season with having to field an emergency sub due to a medical emergency. This is only the beginning of our VALORANT run and there will be plenty more trophies to be won in the future. On the back of this monumental victory, the team will be participating in VCT which is set to be the most important tournament of the year, with hopes that we can make it to the Berlin offline event. There is a lot more on offer with the VALORANT team and we hope you follow us on our journey."

The UK & I Skirmish was the perfect introduction to the VALORANT community for the exciting TENSTAR roster.

A four wins to two losses group stage in the arguably tougher Group B saw TENSTAR fall to unsigned newcomers AREA twice - with both games ending with just rounds separating the teams.

This meant facing AREA in both the Finals and Grand Final which may have had many teams worried but TENSTAR kept calm and performed above even the high standards they had set for themselves with prior victories.

For a more detailed look at TENSTAR’s UK & I Skirmish, Group Stage click here

Playoffs - Upper Bracket Semi-Finals vs M4LIK 15-13   

TENSTAR first played M4LIK who, when they last met beat TENSTAR 14-12 in the UK & I Qualifier Finals.


This time an on form TENSTAR beat them in a close 15-13 victory on Ascent. M4LIK took an early lead on attack with TENSTAR balancing and eventually winning the game with a decisive and confident attacking sided performance.


Playoffs - Upper Bracket Finals vs AREA Game 1: 13-11 Game 2: 6-13 Game 3: 13-4 Overall: 2-1

This Final pitted TENSTAR against their most troublesome opponents AREA in a best of three format set to be some of the finest VALORANT gameplay at the tournament.

Game 1 – Split

A first-half defensive shambles from TENSTAR ended in a 3-9 scoreline leading into the attacking rounds. In typical TENSTAR fashion, the attacking rounds turned the game around with Polvi and Russ carrying the way to a 13-11 TENSTAR victory.

 Game 2 - Bind

The second game saw AREA step up and perform confidently pushing TENSTAR on a map they seemed less than comfortable on.  

AREA carried the crushing second half into a 13-6 victory over TENSTAR. Equalling the game score and putting a crushing weight on Game 3.

Game 3 - Haven

Game 3 saw TENSTAR ramp up the pressure after the Game 2 loss with both a solid defensive half and unrelenting attacking form.

The game ended with a 13-4 win for TENSTAR putting them through to the Grand Final and giving them a match advantage against the winners of the losers’ bracket final between AREA and M4LIK.


Playoffs – Grand Final vs AREA Game 1: 13-7 Game 2: 13-11

Starting with a match advantage made TENSTAR the definite favourites going into the Grand Final against the resilient AREA who beat M4LIK to gain a second chance of victory.

Game 1 - Icebox

Game 1 was on Icebox a map barely played at the tournament and one TENSTAR immediately showed their prowess on. Some unconventional buys and split rushes gave TENSTAR a lead they never let up – ending the game with a convincing 13-7 win.

Game 2 - Ascent

The winning game for TENSTAR saw them with another solid performance this time balancing both defensive and offensive wins to see out AREA in a 13-11 victory.

TENSTAR MVP - The whole TENSTAR roster.

The Game 2 victory saw TENSTAR become the UK & Ireland Skirmish Champions, solidifying themselves as not just one of the best UK based teams but also a name to look out for in future European and International VALORANT events.

Keep an eye out for the next steps for TENSTAR VALORANT on their socials where they will continue to document their meteoric rise throughout the ranks of VALORANT and into the upcoming VCT.

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