A statement on ADAMO

by Dominic Widdop | March 12, 2022

With recent news circulating around our club, we felt a statement was a necessary step.

Let us first clarify that TENSTAR and ADAMO are separate entities that although share an owner, work in different industries, have different staff, payment systems and goals.

Confusion may have arisen however as almost all of our support staff are graduates from ADAMO and we share friends within the business. We sympathise with their situation and urge all to stay vigilant in what we understand is a difficult time.

However, seeing tags, mentions, articles, and inboxes circulating and mistaking TENSTAR with the issues of ADAMO is not just misleading but unfair.

TENSTAR is a small team of dedicated support staff and playing rosters who are separate - all but one employee - from the kickstart scheme. And although we understand the anger and frustration, we here at TENSTAR are committed to maintaining our stature as a leader in the UK esports scene - and one that is community-driven.

Our Staff and players are not responsible for issues at a different organisation. We do not deserve the hate and abuse both individually and as a club.

TENSTAR is not perfect. In true transparency with our community we, like any flowering business have had issues but we learn and will continue to grow along with this community that makes us feel so welcome. 

That being said we understand the confusion and give our love and support to those at ADAMO. We have always been a family and hope for a resolution.

Operations here will not change. We will continue to win, develop, and pave the way for esports and education in the UK.

Our CEO Tom Roderick has since stepped down immediately from his role within TENSTAR to focus on fixing the issues at Adamo.

Tom made his statement on the situation here.

Thank you, and I hope this helped clear up any confusion.



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